2016 Chevron B19


2016 Chevron B19

Chevron’s B19 was highly successful in international sports car racing in the 1970s and remains a very competitive proposition for historic motorsport today. In response to widespread demand Vin Malkie produced continuation cars which were authorised by Chevron Heritage and given Chevron chassis plates.

Chassis number 41 was the last continuation Chevron B19 produced by Vin, using all new parts other than a set of original bodywork and a period gearbox. Only used for a limited number of classic hillclimbs since built, the B19 has had several successes including an FTD at Shelsley Walsh.

In immaculate condition, with a very low mileage Hickman BDG on carbs and a rebuilt FT200. Complete with spare ratios, single and twin seat bodywork/screen, silenced and open tailpipes and a Motorsport UK log book.

Great value for money!

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