1936 Rolls-Royce 25/30HP Landaulette Limousine by Barker


Chassis No – GXM15
Registration Number – VS 3298

Maintaining its policy of offering one ‘Large’ and one ‘Small’ model (the terms being purely relative!), Rolls-Royce introduced the 20/25 in 1929 as a successor to the outgoing 20 hp. Though the newcomer was intended to appeal to owner drivers, many examples were in fact sold to customers with chauffeurs. Power came from an enlarged version of the straight-six unit used in the 20 hp. Now of 3699cc, it made for swifter acceleration and a higher top speed – up to 75mph, depending on the chosen body. The four speed manual gearbox featured the manufacturer’s traditional right-hand change and was equipped with synchromesh on the top two ratios from 1932 onwards. The substantial chassis sported rigid axles front and rear suspended on semi-elliptic leaf springs. The four-wheeled braking was mechanically servo assisted. In 1936, the company opted to increase performance once more, further enlarging the engine to 4257cc to create the so-called 25/30, of which 1201 examples were made before the model was superseded by the Wraith in 1938. Like most Rolls-Royces, the 25/30 starred on the silver screen, most notably in ‘The Naked Truth’ and ‘Death on the Nile’.

Delivered by the Rolls-Royce factory to Barker and Co. on the 6th October 1936; Robert Alexander Alston paid the princely sum of £1990 to acquire ‘GMX15’. It was delivered to his home in Greenock, Scotland via his local agents in Glasgow. Robert was a member of the industrious Alston & Steel family who had commercial interests in Ceylon, India, Burma, Australia and of course Scotland. These diverse business interests comprised of Glasgow & Greenock Shipping Co, the Bank of Bengal as well as Tea Plantations in Chundeecherra, Endogram, Looksan, Nedeem and Rangajaun.

Passing through the hands of seven subsequent keepers, before entering the current ownership; a colossal £49,350.84 was invested into the car between 2007 and 2012. The services of Milford Vintage Engineering were called upon and work included a full engine overhaul, complete re-wire in correct cotton covered cable, re-lining of the brakes, a new exhaust system, rebuilt dynamo, attention to the one-shot system and suspension, rebuilt road wheels and much more besides. Aesthetically improved too; the car was completely repainted in an attractive shade of ochre and black to a very high standard, and is complemented by black wheel discs.

Purchased by the current owner (via the Real Car Company of Bethesda) in April 2014; this example of a well-built, practical and substantial landaulette features an opening rear roof section making it an ideal configuration for wedding hire use. Said to have been “100% reliable during his ownership” and “very easy to drive”, attention was given to the brakes, axles and steering back in 2019, with all work carried out by Mcpheat Automotive.

Offered with a comprehensive history file, comprising a copy of the original construction records, a very large selection of invoices, expired MOT certificates, a reprint instruction book and much more.

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